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Our Technology
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Our Technology

Our T-SIGn® therapeutics aim to unlock the full potential of immuno-oncology in the solid tumor setting by enabling a patient’s own immune system to recognize, attack, and clear their cancer.

Despite tremendous advances over the last decade, numerous obstacles remain for immuno-oncology modalities (e.g., checkpoint inhibitors, antibody drug conjugates, bispecific T-cell engagers, and cell therapies) to reach their full potential in the solid tumor setting given the multiple mechanisms tumors utilize to evade immune recognition and attack.


Akamis Bio’s T-SIGn® therapeutics are viral vector based, tumor gene therapies which are capable of homing specifically to primary and metastatic solid tumors following intravenous delivery. Once at the tumor site, T-SIGn® therapeutics can drive intratumoral expression of multiple immunologically active biomolecules and therapeutic proteins to remodel the tumor microenvironment and trigger robust antitumor immune responses.


T-SIGn® therapeutics have the potential to be used in the monotherapy setting, as well as in combination with other immuno-oncology agents, to drive intratumoral expression of immunologically active biomolecules and therapeutic proteins targeting the key mechanisms that tumors use to evade the immune system (e.g., downregulation of tumor antigen presentation, local immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment, and stromal barriers to immune cell infiltration).

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T-SIGn® therapeutics are based on a replication competent, chimeric group B adenovirus backbone which has been adapted to target epithelial derived tumors which account for 80-90% of all cancer cases.

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